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Zombie Cause Gear

Here’s the thing. We are tired of seeing folks that don’t have a clue wearing Zombie Cause shirts and hanging our posters in their rooms. So if you really believe in the Zombie Cause and are a loyal follower we will still sell or give you our gear, but you have to earn it. You must follow us in some way (our Blog, Twitter, Facebook,YouTube …links are below) and then email the zombie cause to let us know that you are one of us. Anyone can buy the Zombie Cause Dictionary (even quibs . . . we want to turn quibs into believers), but the shirts and posters they are for true members only. You can email us at doc@zombiecause.com and state your case for acquiring our gear.

Shirt Styles

Pappy 5X

Doc Ruger

Zombie Queen


Silent Blade

Zombie Boy

Shirts are $20 + $4 postage

Posters $8 + $3 postage


1. Follow us on twitter, facebook and subscribe to our blog and Youtube channel

2. Make a YouTube Video about the ZC book and/or films* let us know when it’s posted (contact us at doc@zombiecause.com we’ll approve it by email).

When you get 200 views let us know and we’ll send you a Zombie Cause Field Guide to Zombies poster.

When you get 500 views you get your choice of a zombie cause shirt.

When you get 1000 views we will send you an autographed copy of The Zombie Cause Dictionary signed by all cast members.

*Here’s what you need in the video for it to be approved.

You must appear in the video and declare you are a member of the Zombie Cause and if you have a zombie hunter name please identify yourself by that name. Show a copy of the cover of the Zombie Cause Dictionary and tell something you like about it, find interesting or just read a definition(or you can speak about one of our webisodes but make sure you clearly give the title of the webisode).

If you kill or get attacked by a zombie in the video we we’ll send you a bonus gift.

If you whistle the Zombie Cause tune we we’ll send you a bonus gift.

If you show a copy of “The Immune” Doc Ruger’s favorite book we’ll send you a bonus gift.


*You can post more than one video, but you can receive gear for only each viewing milestone per video producer/YouTube channel.