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Child Zombies


All over the globe, families, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents, boyfriends and girlfriends, look for Child Zombies.

Child Zombies are unsuspecting kids, just walking around the neighborhood, nothing to do, trying to have a good time when suddenly, right after that take a bit out of that Big Mac, a Zombie bites them and they become a member of the millions of Child Zombies walking the sidewalks, parks, shopping malls, parking lots, city streets, garbage dumps, Walmarts and other places all over the World.

Who would have thought that Child Zombies would have grown into such a vast number, such a big problem, such a terrible dilemma all over the world in this modern age.

The problem with Child Zombies goes back even in the days of Mozart the young pianist. Yes, it´s true, the young genius was attacked by Zombies after a concert one after noon and he too almost became a child Zombie. The good news was that Mozart lived in the days before good deodorant and his body oder forced them away.

In this episode Doc Ruger finds a very young, blond, female child Zombie sleeping outside of someone’s house. Doc Ruger has no clue what type of child Zombie this is, or how long the creative will stay asleep. More than asleep, the young, blonde child Zombie seemed to be unconscious, it was hard to tell.

While filming the incident, Doc Ruger has an argument with the director of the shoot and the child Zombie escapes. They look for her, and when they return, dogs have taken her place.

Who knows where this child Zombie could be now. Maybe the child Zombie is outside of the Burger King you are visiting. Maybe she is in your elementary school, trying to make new friends. Maybe she is under your bed.