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Doc Ruger’s Favorite quotes from The Immune

(The Immune is available on all online bookstores and in all e-book formats)

  • “The problem with politicians is that they always come to believe power is wisdom.”
  • “A belief, unflappable by a hurricane of contrary facts defines ‘willful ignorance’.”
  • “perspective is the only difference between a hero and a terrorist.”
  • “A FS maneuver is a deception hiding an underlying agenda”
  • “Large centralized governments always cause internal collapse and ultimately destruction of the masses. All governmental evils are justified and rationalized, as necessary, to maintain the all-powerful, all-knowing, current leaders for the good of society”
  • “politicians are experts at reckless compassion.”
  • “You want to believe the government can legislate every problem away. That’s a comforting thought for the masses because it doesn’t require any personal responsibility, but, deep down, self-interest motivates us all.”
  • “So you believe your ill deeds are excused by more wicked actions done by others.”
  • “Ignorance, or even willful ignorance, allows for rejection of responsibility. Knowledge obliges burden of duty.”
  • “If you’re losing the game, don’t play the losing strategy harder—““Change the strategy,” interjected John. “Umm . . . no, change the rules,”
  • “I prefer the word disinformation over lie. It’s only a lie if historically I can’t make it true.”
  • “Ultimately, humankind bases records solely on perspective history, not physical history.”
  • “Humans only record perspective history. By definition, it differs from physical history, the actual event, because the recorder’s perspective judges the event.”
  • “lies undiscovered become truths”
  • “FS stands for Fortitude South. This was the greatest covert disinformation operation of World War II. It allowed the Allies to pull off D-Day.”
  • “If necessity is the mother of invention, then danger was the father of action.”
  • “The best way for two men to keep a secret is for one of them to kill the other.”
  • “in America, the most lauded and compensated skill continues to remain the ability to entertain.”
  • “Liberty is a fragile gift, take one vial of fear, add three drops, lust-for-power, and it’s easily poisoned.”
  • “Keeping a secret is like holding ice in your hands.  With enough time both slip away.”
  • “All societies have a ruling class, and all ruling classes have privileges. The certainty of this fact ranks up there with death and taxes.”
  • “Conventional wisdom is the most dangerous wisdom of all.”
  • “A legacy of fulfilled expectations of others is no legacy at all.”
  • “Evil is pernicious and devious. Ignoring evil is the first foothold in acceptance of it.”
  • “Self-interest, which is human nature, that’s the foundation for building strong societies. The irony is the same quality of human nature in government has the opposite effect.”
  • “So we’re to trust the prevaricator because he tells us the truth about one of his lies?”
  • “If not tended closely, justice ends up being a reflection of the conscience of those in power.”

Reviews of the Immune

“It just might be the sleeper hit of the year.”  Speculative Book Review  4/1/11

“I can’t recommend it enough. Add it to your reading list now.” Daily Libertarian 4/12/11

“It may proudly take its place alongside the classics of libertarian-themed speculative fiction by Heinlein, Spider Robinson, L. Neil Smith and their ilk.”  Rational Review News 4/12/11

“compelling story line complete with conflict, compromise and compassion, peppered with plot twists, edge of your seat, page turning, spine tingling, narrative.”
Libertarian Party of Orange County 5/14/11
“The Immune Finally an innovative and original new book”  . . . “If I had my way The Immune would be taught in political science and literature classes next to allusion-filled classics like Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies.”  

“ I can’t recommend it enough. Add it to your reading list now. You’ll thank me later.”
Liberty Maven

“Furiously ingenious at this stage in his writing career, Meisenheimer has achieved an incredible feat of imagination, intellect, and matchless writing talent within The Immune, which is sure to engender fiery debate, strong opinions, and much rhapsodizing over his shocking plot twists and turns.” The New Book Review

Premiere of The Immune book Signing Event

Photo montage of the event can be seen at: https://animoto.com/play/kHZpWFf5Ucu3hz0IZO7Fng?utm_content=main_link