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One Armed Zombies


Have you seen them? Have you run from them wondering how they walk so quickly and sometimes even run a little bit with their groans and growls and slobber coming out of their mouths with that terrible bad breath they have? You know what I´m talking about! The One Armed Zombies.

One armed Zombies go all of the way back into the Old Testament of the Bible. Sure. Noah wouldn´t let one of the one armed Zombies onto his boat. That is why they are so rare now.

The really good thing about one armed Zombie is that they can´t swim. So usually, you don´t find them in the water. If you do find them in water, they are probably very tired and can’t even chase you slow.

Another good thing about one armed Zombies is that they can´t strangle you do dead. That´s because they only have one arm. That´s why they are called one armed Zombies.

Now if you are a Zombie Hunter like Doc Ruger and his boys, sometimes you have made a two armed Zombis a one armed Zombie. Maybe you cut off the Zombie’s arm yourself. Maybe you shot the Zombie and their arm fell off. Maybe you pushed the Zombie off a cliff and the Zombie just didn´t fall the right way. I any of the above happens, you have a non-swimming, non-strangling one armed Zombie.

Sometime Doc Ruger’s boys have an extra Zombie arm laying around without the Zombie part attached to it and they like to play tricks on people with it. That is what this episode is all about.

If you ever find an arm laying around in a ditch somewhere, or maybe in a gutter, or even in the middle of the street, then smell it, look at it. If it smells really bad, and if the skin is really dirty, and if there is blood under all of the fingernails, then most likely, it is the other arm of a One Armed Zombie.