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Women Zombie Killers


History and Sci-F films do not give due credit to the millions of excellent Women Zombie Killers that have wiped out millions of Zombies all over the planet earth. If it were not for the women Zombie killers in history, all of us, yes all of us, that means YOU, your mother, your brother, your boss, even Madonna would be walking dead Zombies.

During the French revolution, Zombies roamed Europe during those great battles. The French hired women Zombie Killers because they knew that women Zombie Killers were the best at finding a killing Zombies.

The French would find women Zombies Killers and ask them to find the Zombies that the men Zombie killer could not find. The Women Zombie Killers would track these Zombies down. Chain them up. Build giant fires in front of the Zombies and the Zombies would scream and yell for mercy. Then, right before the women Zombie Killers would kill these Zombies, the women Zombie Killers would put their own faces inches away from the face of each and every Zombie and blow them a kiss. After that, the women Zombie Killers would cut the necks of the Zombies, then cut off the legs and arms of the Zombies and then put them all in a big pile and burn them.

Thus the Term, “French Kiss.” Isn’t it great to learn something new everyday.

Anyway, knowing that women Zombie Killers really get the job done, Doc Ruger and his boys found one of the best women Zombie Killers on the planet. In this episode you get to see a real life, woman Zombie Killer kill a Zombie. She Blows it away just like she was was turning off a light switch.

Be proud that we still have women Zombie Killers like this to help us in our global quest.