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Young Blonde Zombies

It all started in what is now called Norway some 2,000 years ago. Zombies from what is now called Italy, invaded what is now called Norway and the Zombies invected thousands of the people of Norway and made them the walking dead forever. The terrible thing about this story is that at that time there was a big population growth and when the Zombies invaded, most of the population was very young. Most of the population at that time was less than 13 years old. 99% of the population at that time were blonde. Thus came about the Young Blonde Zombies.

Today, Young Blonde Zombies are the most dangerous of all Zombies. This is true, mainly because they look so youthful and pure. Especially with the advent of the Barbie Doll. Many of the Young Blonde Zombies dress like little Barbie Dolls. Children and adults think they are nice and clean and playful and nice. Not so, they are Young Blonde Zombies. They want to kill you and eat you and kill your family.

Years ago, in a small town in West Virginia ( located in the United States to the East of Ohio ) it was Christmas time. The whole town of Cabin Creek was preparing for the big celebration of Christmas that Christmas Eve. To celebrate, the parents in the town bought hundreds of Blonde Barbie and Ken Dolls to put under the trees of their children. The parents were going to tell the kids the dolls were from Santa.

Anyway, long story short, the Young Blonde Zombies came to town that night and grabbed the Barbie Dolls, threw them in the snow outside, and pretended to be the dolls under the trees. When the children woke up the next morning and came running to see their gifts, the Young Blonde Zombies got up, and bit or killed all of the children in the town.

The parents of the town blamed it all on Santa.