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Zombie Blondes


It.s a little know fact that thousands, if not millions of Zombies are Zombie Blondes. And I bet you didn’t know that most of these Zombie Blondes are very attractive females. The very strange part of this episode is that these Zombie Blondes, as attractive as they are, love to hide in cities, suburbs, and on farms underneath,,,,,,,, You’ll never guess this,,,,, underneath TRUCKS.

Ford, Chevy, even Toyota has not released this fact because they don’t want their international truck sales to go down. You’ve heard and read about the recent Chevy Truck recall right? That was all caused by the millions of Zombie Blondes that craw under trucks and play around with parts while they are waiting to bite their next victim.

Zombie Blondes, especially the attractive ones, are way more dangerous than your usual ugly, overweight, bald, lipping male Zombies. This is because the Zombie Blondes wait for male, non infected humans out by their trucks and you know how stupid men can be when they see an attractive Blonde, even if the attractive blonde is one of the Zombie Blondes.

Many times, the man with the truck sees the Zombies Blonde crawling out from beneath the truck, and the unsuspecting stupid male tries to help her up. The he usually tries to get involved with some small talk and attempts to give her a ride or at least get her phone number and address. These men are so stupid. Don’t they know that almost no Zombies have phone numbers and they don’t live anywhere. Most Blonde Zombies don’t even have cell phones.

It’s good for all of us that the sons of Doc Ruger go around the United States and other parts of the world looking for the Blonde Zombies all of the time. These boys are smart and experienced.