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Zombie Guts


Zombies love swimming pools and they love little girls. They find the blood and skin of the little girls tasty. If you are a little girl and you are in or around a swimming pool, always keep you eyes out for Zombies. The hard part about being aware is that many times, Zombies look like normal people like, you best friend, or your brother, or the neighbor across the street. So while you´re in the pool just trying to pick up some rays, the Zombie is just sitting there planning it´s next step in bitting you and turning you into a Zombie forever and ever.

The good news about being bitten by a Zombie is that then you become a Zombie and you don´t have to go back to school again. And, the really good part about becoming a Zombie is that you don´t have to get a job.

Zombies are so disgusting. Zombie Guts are even worse. Today a Zombie was chasing ( if you want to call it that ) this poor little girl around a pool. Fortunately Doc Ruger, the Zombie Hunter, was there to catch the creature.

Doc Ruger wanted to test the Zombie Guts and as always he had a handy devise to restrain the creature. But testing Zombie Guts can be tricky. One most keep them still and silent. That is almost impossible.

In the midst of squeezing the Zombie Guts out of the zombie’s mouth, the Zombie tries to escape. Doc Ruger can´t allow that of course so he shot the Zombie in the head, and then pushed the Zombie into the swimming pool ( pool guy is going to be happy about that ).

There is the happy ending. The Zombie Guts in the Swimming pool. Well, it’s almost a happy ending. Now the little girl has to go to school, and then most likely she will have to get a job.