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Zombie Restraint Device


You Must Be 21 years of age or much older to Watch This Video. This is a terrible depiction of violence involving a Zombie being stabbed in the neck and shot, point blank in the head.

If you are 21 years of age or younger, please visit our web site https://zombiecause.com and fill out our contact form asking permission to see the blood flowing out of the neck of this monster, and then his brains being blown out of his head right before your eyes. Fill out the contact form and make a special request to see the video. Once you have filled out the form to see “Zombie Restraint Device”, the video, then have your parents sign it. Right next to their signature, have the write “ It is ok for my son or daughter (maker sure they print your name right after that. Only in blue ink because we have to scan the form in color for the government. This is because the government doesn´t want children to see “Zombie Restraint Device” because they think you will get really scared and you will never want to leave you house ever again. They think that if you see, “Zombie Restraint Device” you will stop going to the mall and ask your parents to buy you stuff. This means that by seeing “Zombie Restraint Device”, the cash flow in the United States will drop dramatically ( that means a lot) and your parents will lose their jobs.

You are the first to see it, right here, right now. A real flesh eating, walking dead, dangerous as all get out Zombie in a real, specially made Zombie Restraint Device. This particular one was purchased from a specialty shop in New York City ( you can get one there too. I like the ones I bought for me and my family. We have 15 Zombies locked up down in the basement. We like to mess with their heads in the evening. It’s something to do.