Did a Zombie Bite You? Are you Going To Die?

Answer all of the questions below. Then click the button at the very end and watch the video.

Maybe you will die slow and peacefully.


a) 5 years or less
b) 6-10
c) 11-14
d) 15-17
e) 18-30
f) 31-40
g) 41-50
h) 51-60
i) 60 and over


Male Female

Stage of Zombie at Time of Bite

Early stage (aka White/ Beating Heart Zombies) less that 24 hours from zombification.
Early stage II (Beating Heart Zombie) over 24 hours old.
Intermediate stage (aka Grey/Asystole Zombie)
Late stage (aka Black/ Asystole Zombie)

Depth of Bite
If More than one bite, check the deepest bite received.

No bite "Splash and Go." Sprayed with salarva or zombie blood on mucous membranes or in an open wound
Dermal bites "a nibble."
Bites into subcutaneous fat a "perforator" or "perf".
Bites into muscle "chewscrew" or "scrab bite"

Number of Bites

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 and over

Location of Bite
If More than One Bite, Check the Location With the Most Severity.

Bite on the torso
Bite on the extremities
Bite on the hands and feet
Bite on the genitalia
Bite on the head head or neck

Individual Immunity:

No Immunity
Acquired (survived a bite in the last 6 months)
Natural (Born with immunity)

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