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Zombies in Swimming Pools


Finding Zombies in Swimming Pools is a huge problem throughout the world. Even the Greeks and Romans write great tales about finding Zombies in their hot springs as well. For centuries, and still today, millions of Americans do not understand the danger of lurking Zombies in Swimming Pools just waiting to surprise you before you take a dip.

In this episode, Doc Ruger is totally prepared for the situation of finding Zombies in swimming pools. He comes out of his house preparing for a day of Zombie hunting ( and he does that so well ), just to find a Zombie in his swimming pool. It is sleeping. Doc Ruger cannot tell what type of Zombie it is. He thinks it´s a Beating Heart Zombie, but he can´t tell because the Zombie is underwater. But, Doc Ruger can see the awful being’s head floating upside down in the pool.

Doc Ruger pokes the Zombie in the head and the evil being awakes and of course, attacks Doc Ruger, attempting to make Doc Ruger a part of the widely vast world of the walking dead ( not knowing that Doc Ruger is well aware of the danger and possibility of Zombies in swimming pools all of the time ). I mean, Doc Ruger has a swimming pool. He´s a Zombie Hunter. All Zombie Hunters with swimming pools look for Zombies in their swimming pool everyday. Zombies hunters weren’t born yesterday, that is why they are still hunting Zombies.

Anyway, the Zombie Attacks Doc Ruger not know that a trained, experienced Zombie Hunter always carries many different tools that can execute a Zombie right on the spot. Even Doc Ruger’s kids know that there are Zombies in swimming pools. The kids carry weapons too. So Doc Ruger blows the Zombie away with his pistol. BAM!!!!!!!

Can you say, “Another Bites the Dust.”