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Zombies in Water


Zombies in water are always very dangerous. This is way governments around the world have secret forces with boats, submarines, jets, and special equipment as the attempt to find Zombies in Water. These governments know that Zombies in water are a great health risk. Zombies in water bite vacationing swimmers and their pet dogs. These governments don´t tell anyone that they are looking for Zombies in water, because the leaders of these countries would be banished, fired, shunned from their countries, so they have to keep Zombie in water a big secret.

George Washington, yes, no crap, George Washington, the first United States President was the first American to understand that the public had to be protected from the millions of Zombies waiting in lakes from New Jersey to Florida ( of course Florida was not a State then, but that is why George Washington was the president because he had so much for site).

Anyway, that famous picture with George and his troops in the water in that little boat with him standing in the front and bombs blasting all around him? That wasn’t a war, they were looking for Zombies in the water and it was no piece of cake.

So, Doc Ruger understanding what terrible things can happen when you find Zombies in Water began to search the ocean for Zombies with his new Jetpack. This Jetpack is prepared totally just for finding Zombies in water. This jetpack is even more effective than the ones that the Navy Seals use to find Zombies in water. Why? Because Doc Ruger knows what he is doing.

You must watch the special “Top Secret” Zombie Cause episode to see Doc Ruger and this super, special JetPack do it´s thing.

If you live near a river, a lake, or an ocean, then you will surely want to contact Doc Ruger to see if he can bring the jetpack and his special equipment to help you, your family and your neighborhood to protect themselves from Zombies in the water.